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Is He Cheating On You

At one point or another, many people have cause to wonder if their partner is cheating on them. In the case of a guy cheating on his girlfriend, the signs are often fairly obvious to someone who is looking for them, and who knows what to look for. The following is a list of some areas to take a closer look at if you suspect that your guy might be cheating on you. Keep in mind that (for the most part) any one or even a couple of these things taken on their own is probably not an indication that there is cheating going on, as there can be several reasons for most of the things on the list occurring. However, what you really need to look for are a combination of several of the following tips; several of these events or occurrences happening simultaneously (and often in a sustained way) is a good indication that there might be some infidelity going on.


* Distance. When you are with your boyfriend, does he seem like he is far away? This can happen when you are alone and even when you are with friends and family. His attention will wander, or you will catch him just staring off into space (make sure he is not just watching a television). He might be acting more loving towards you than ever before (a compensation for guilt) or he could be acting like he wishes you were not there at all (he's thinking of someone else).

* Tension. Things that you would never have fought over not so long ago are all of a sudden major flashpoints in the relationship. Fights seem easier to start, and much harder to get over. Look for strange behavior after a fight as well; especially if he leaves for a long time during one.

Intimate differences

* One big telltale of a cheat is that all of a sudden, the intimate relationship will change. Suddenly, he seems a lot less interested in the physical parts of your relationship.

* Cheaters are often eager to break out of an embrace. Unlike previously, when you would hold each other for a while and had fun just kissing, these small signs of affection will diminish or disappear, because someone else is receiving the real affection now.

Physical Details

Physical details are one of the most obvious signs of a cheat. They are pretty easy to spot, but look out because he will be aware that you are looking for something if you don't do it really carefully.

* Is he all of a sudden taking an interest in dressing differently, or putting on a new scent?

* Pay attention to his appearance. Is he noticeably ruffled when returning from somewhere, in ways that raise your suspicions? Most guys don't know it, but there are certain changes in the way our hair goes when we have been intimate with someone. You are bound to have picked up on this at some point in your relationship.

* Be especially suspicious of a clean, well-groomed man in times when no shower should have taken place. Guys are aware that the smell of another woman will linger, so a shower will be important after he leaves her. Look out for clean behavior!

When it comes to cheating, you should be able to trust your instincts. Your subconscious will be handing you dozens of different cues and clues when your relationship changes; most people are not really surprised when the affair is confirmed, because they really already knew. It is important to say again, but do not just assume that an affair is to blame for any of the above. An misplaced confrontation might be just the push to actually get him to cheat. Try not to accuse until you know for sure.
By Alex Daniels

Monday, December 18, 2006

Experts Know How to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

He’s been keeping odd hours. Perhaps he seems withdrawn or aloof. Maybe he seems to be acting too nice, as if he’s trying to make up for something he did. It could be one of a million things, but you can sense that something may be wrong. You may have experienced it before, or you could just have a strong case of woman’s intuition, but you have your suspicions. You think he might be cheating.

Now, you need to know how to catch a cheating boyfriend. That might seem simple. You could try to follow him around. You could just corner him and ask the question point-blank. You could call your friends, his friends, and everyone else you know seeking circumstantial evidence or advice. There are all sorts of things you could do to try to catch him.

Unfortunately, they probably won’t work. Unless you’re a world class private eye with a very flexible schedule, following your boyfriend around probably won’t work. It’ll either be impossible or you’ll be the one who gets caught.

You can ask the big question to his face, but what would make you think someone capable of cheating on you isn’t equally capable of lying about it? Cheaters make good liars and in your emotional state your ability to discern truth from lie may be compromised.

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You can chat with your friends. Some might have good advice. Others won’t. Either way, you risk having word of your suspicions finding its way back to your boyfriend. Plus, it requires you to “advertise” a potentially embarrassing relationship problem. Imagine what it would be like if you ended up being wrong!

So, if you want to know how to catch a cheating boyfriend, you need to come up with a better plan. You need to learn from the experts. There are professionals out there who make a living finding out who is cheating and with whom they are doing it.

They don’t rely on gut instincts or direct confrontation. They know the warning signs based on their experience and proven diagnostic techniques. They can confirm your suspicions quickly and easily using advanced techniques that would never even cross your mind.

Expert investigatory assistance usually comes with a high price tag. Many women who are worried about cheating boyfriends don’t have the resources necessary--or don’t live in an area--that will allow them to hire a pro.

Fortunately, at least one expert in the field has made his most powerful techniques and strategies available to the public at a rate that is only a fraction of what a professional investigator will charge. Women who are worried about their boyfriends’ potential misdeeds may want to look into learning how to catch a cheating boyfriend from the experts who really know the game! Learning from a pro is the next best thing to hiring one, and it’s certainly more effective than trying to do the job all by yourself.

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Choosing The Perfect Hairstyle For You!

Deciding which hairstyle to try next is always a stressful task for any woman. Our hairstyle choice can mean the difference in looking five years older or five years younger. A woman’s hair is an essential part of the “complete package”, so finding the perfect one for your face shape is extremely important.

There are six basic face shapes – oval, round, square, triangle, oblong and heart shaped. To find which shape best describes your face pull your hair back and study your face in the mirror. I will list the characteristics of each face shape below, as it may be easier to understand:

• Oval – evenly proportioned, egg shaped

• Round – round at the hairline and chin line, wide face, baseball shaped

• Square – straight hairline, angled jaw line, wide face

• Triangle – wide chin with narrow forehead

• Heart shaped – upside down triangle face, narrow jaw line and widest at eye line

• Oblong – long and thin face with rounded chin and jaw line, chin will appear pointed, much like oval

If you are still having trouble deciding which face shape matches yours, try drawing the outline of your face onto the mirror with lipstick. Step away from the mirror and study the shape you have drawn on the mirror. Pick the one it most closely resembles. You will most likely be correct, but if you have questions go to a professional to have them determine your face shape.

Now that you have determined your face shape, let’s see what the best hairstyle will be for your shape! The oval faced shape has the most leeway with hairstyles. Almost any style will complement this face shape.
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For instance, an oval face shape could easily carry off a short pixie cut or a shoulder length layered bob.

A round face needs the illusion of length to thin the face out a bit, so a longer hairstyle is best for you. If you have a round face and you have short hair at the moment part your hair on the side. It will interrupt the roundness of the face, whereas a center part would not. Bangs should be avoided on a round face.

If you have a square face you want your hairstyle to soften the hard lines of the square, so short layers in longer hair are best. Bangs that are swept to the side also soften the sharp lines of the square face. This face shape can handle lots of wispy layers, so take advantage! If you have a triangle face shape you want to find a hairstyle that narrows the chin line and widens the forehead. In other words, a hairstyle that has a lot of volume on the top of the head is best. Do not choose a hairstyle that has a lot of volume around the chin. This face shape looks best with a cut that is below the chin or longer.

A heart shaped face needs a little balancing around the chin area. You tend to be pointed in this area, so you want to add the illusion of fullness. For instance, a rounded bob would look great on this face shape. To add a little softness to the forehead a side swept bang would also look great for this face shape. Avoid any style that will cling to closely to the face, though.

A short hairstyle complements the oblong shaped face. You don’t want anything past your shoulders because it will only lengthen the face and you definitely don’t need that. This face shape can carry off bangs with perfection! Wearing a side part is also flattering to this face shape. Asymmetric hairstyles look great on this face shape!

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Tips For Wearing Perfume

Perfumes can be fun to wear. Here are some tips on buying and using perfumes.

When buying perfume always try a sample. Wear it for about 10 minutes before deciding if you like it. This allows the alcohol to evaporate and the oils in perfumes to interact with the oil on the skin and will be a little different for everyone.

Try samples in the late afternoon. The power of smell is stronger during that time of day.

When starting a new perfume always use it on only one small area of skin. If there is an allergy to any of the ingredients it's the safest way to discover it. After an hour, if there is no reaction, the perfume is safe to wear.

When wearing perfume put it on the pulse points. The inner wrists, behind the knee, and below the jawline near the ears. The pulse sends out the scent.

Perfume will keep fresher longer if you store it in a cool, dark place since sunlight and heat interact with the oils in the perfume.

When testing or wearing perfume don't rub the wrists together. It lessens the effect of the perfume.

Don't apply perfume to clothing or jewelry. It can cause stains and even damage jewelry.

Don't wear one perfume all year all. Temperatures affect the scent. Cold temperatures reduce the intensity of the perfume so wear stronger scents in the winter.

In the summer wear lighter scents. But be warned, bees can be lured to the perfume mistaking it for flowers.

Once you open a bottle of perfume wear it! It will keep indefinitely when not opened but......... once the air has gained entrance to the perfume, it must be used within a year or two at the maxium.

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